Basic Analog Satellite Locator

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Basic Analog Satellite Finder

Satellite finder, as their name suggests, help us "find" signal from any satellite. With the locator connected to the LNB and the receiver configured with the appropriate voltage for the satellite polarity that we want to receive, we begin to move the satellite dish until the finder indicates with beeps and through the needle that we have the antenna positioned at the exact point.

The satellite locator has two connections, a first connection for the cable that comes from the LNB and a second connection for the cable that connects directly to the receiver. The locator has a sensitivity regulator. It is recommended that this regulator be set to half, so that when it detects a signal, the needle on the metric scale increases.

Satellite finder of different brands, model is sent according to availability.


Economical Analog Satellite Locator to Orient the Satellite Dish Antenna

  • F connections
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Sound indicator
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EAN 8430549008021
System Satellite
SERIE F Connector
LNB included No
Product Brand Tecatel
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