Simulator FI TV and Satellite, 3 carriers

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IF and UHF signal generatorv RP-050 of PROMAX.

The intermediate frequency simulator RP-050 is a generator of radiofrequency carriers of satellite and UHF that allows to verify the response of the facilities of ICT (Common Telecommunications Infrastructures) before the antennas and the bedside devices are operative.

It can be used for the certification of TV cabling, certification of installations, location of head faults and many other applications.

Its use is extremely simple

Simulator for testing and certification of installations and TV wiring.

What technical characteristics does the RP-050 FI simulator have?

It has two different output levels (90dBμV and 105dBμV)

Checking the proper functioning of the power supply circuit (13-18 V) and 22 kHz signal

What technical specifications does the RP-050 FI simulator have?

Specifications RP-050
Pilot Generator FM Modulated TV Signal
Test pilot signals  
L Band 1050/1575/2100 MHz
Pilot test signals UHF 537.5MHz
Accuracy 1%
Pilot Levels  
Low Mode 90 dBµV, ± 4 dB
High Mode 105 dBµV, ± 4 dB
audio detection 22KHz
Detection of voltage thresholds 13/18 V of the voltage present in coaxial
Audio modulation 1KHZ, in 7.02 MHz subcarrier
Modulation of FM video drivers (FI) Black and white bar chart
Power supply Using the supplied power adapter or through the coaxial with repeater (13 / 18V / 120mA)
Mechanical characteristics  
Dimensions 77(A.) x 85 (Al.) x 28(Pr.)
Weight 150g
More Information
EAN 8400702300033
Color Yellow
Product Brand Promax
System Signal simulator
SERIE Tester
Instrumentation Test
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