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Staples for phone cable 28/09 length 9mm 2000 pcs

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Staples for coaxial cable 28/09 of 9mm in box of 2000 units

Clavex 28/09 staples are staples for fastening cables whose length is 9mm.

It allows a perfect support and order of cables in our installation.

It is supplied in a box of 2000 pieces, which will help you keep all the cables perfectly located in the right place.

Cable clamps are useful in any installation, as they can be installed both outside and inside.

24/48 Hours

Clavex 28/09 staples are cable clamps for 9mm long clamping.

What technical characteristics do staples 36/10 have?

  • For 9mm cables.
  • For a perfect fit.
  • Perfect order of cables of a greater thickness.
  • Box of 2000 pieces.
  • Very useful in any type of installation and wiring.
  • Use both indoors and outdoors.
  • They keep the cables of the facilities organized.
  • Dimensions:
    • 6.2 mm wide
    • 9 mm high
    • 1.25 mm thick
24/48 Hours
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Product type Stapler and staples
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