Tension locking Splitters, Connector F

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Blocker current F

The FTE ADAFBDC current choke is a voltage block with a male-female F-type connector.

This blocker performs the function of preventing tension from being passed through the cable. This prevents undesired voltages from circulating.

The ADAFBDC current blocker allows to block the voltage we do not need from our installation.

What technical characteristics does the FTE blocker have?

  • It has an F-type connection.
  • It blocks the voltage we do not need from the installation.
  • Frequency Range (MHz): 5-2150.
  • Pass attenuation (dB):
    • 5-862 <0.1.
    • 950-2150 <0.3.

Why do you use a voltage blocker?

A voltage blocker such as the FTE blocker is used to block unwanted voltage from our installation.

This blocker can not be used in an installation of a dwelling that has the dish directly connected to the satellite receiver, since it would not reach the LNB, so it would not receive a signal.

Therefore this blocker is used to not put tension to the collective installation of our building.

More Information
EAN 8436018441665
System Coaxial
Serie Female Connect.
Color Silver
Type Power Blocker
Connection type F male
Form factor Straight
Product Brand OEM
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