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Antennas FM/DAB

In an installation of Radio/Television by coaxial cable it needs installer antennas wich are for this, FM and Digital Radio (DAB), so the signal can be amplifier and transporter from the antenna to the television or radio. In this section we have all kinds of Radio Antennas that we have available.

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  1. Circular FM 1dB Engel Antenna
    SKU: ENGAN6005

    €12.52 Tax included
  2. DAB antenna of 3 elements G4 dB

    €17.92 Tax included
  3. Tecatel Circular FM Omnidirectional Antenna

    €19.92 Tax included
  4. 1dB Televes Circular FM Antenna
    SKU: TEL1201

    €25.41 Tax included
  5. Teleco Mobile antenna 1/4 wave FM inox 115cm
    SKU: TEL6620

    €40.58 Tax included
  6. Antenna DAB 8 dB
    SKU: TEL1050

    €41.39 Tax included

6 Items

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FM/DAB Radio Antennas