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Thanks to this electronic device takes the information and makes the modulation. The Transmodulatr is internal made with a demodulator and modulator, also it must has electric circuits which takes the signal and work with that. So in this section we can find different Transmodulators, QPSK to MPEG-2, from DVB-S/S2 to COFDM, from DVBS2 to QAM, from QPSK to DVBT2.

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  1. Twin Analogic Modulator T.0X A/V - PAL Stereo
    SKU: TEL5806

    €511.10 Tax included
  2. Transmodulator 4xDVB-S/S2/T/T2/C to 4xDVB-T/C
    SKU: LEMMLF100

    €925.65 Tax included
  3. T.0X Encoder Single HDMI - COFDM/QAM + Alim. 18V
    SKU: TEL566001

    €961.05 Tax included
  4. T.0X Trasmodulador DVB / T2 - QAM CI TWIN MUX 2C- 2C
    SKU: TEL565201

    €1,277.40 Tax included
  5. T0X Encoder 2e HDMI YPbPr - MPEG2 / 4 COFDM / QAM TWIN
    SKU: TEL563832

    €1,769.90 Tax included
  6. T.0X Modulator Encoder A/V-IP or IP-DVBT/DVBC Televes
    SKU: TEL563852

    €2,185.26 Tax included
  7. Engel Compact Headend 8 x DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C to 4 x DVB-T/C + IP

    €2,563.20 Tax included
  8. Compact Transmodulador Max-1 with 4 satellite DTT mux inputs 8

    €2,890.39 Tax included

8 Items

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