Compact Transmodulador Max-1 with 4 satellite DTT mux inputs 8

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Max-1 Compact is a compact system that can distribute satellite TV channels (DVB-S or DVB-S2) in the format of the Digital Terrestrial Television (DVB-T). Supports up to 4 satellite inputs (2 inputs and 2 channels for free for encrypted channels) to deliver up to 8 DVB-T muxes to the exit, remote management via dynamic webserver. It is integrated in a module 1U Rackmount 19 "standard. It can also be mounted directly on the wall.


  • 4 inputs for up to 8 satellite transmodulator DVB-T muxes.
  • 2 CI slots for decoding encrypted channels.
  • Filtering services to select the desired output programs.
  • PIDs remapping table and regeneration PAT, PMT, SDT and NIT.
  • Remote management and control via webserver via LAN or Internet.
  • Satellite TV channels becomes (tambiéncodificados and HD) format of DTT
  • The satellite can be input channels in High Definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) and free or coded, since the system incorporates in its front two slots for Common Interface allowing decoding and processing of encrypted channels as free distribution channels.
  • PIDs remapping: Barbecue canalesdinámica without retuning TVs
  • CompactMax-1 is connected to a local network LAN or Internet via a RJ45 connector. In this way the remote control system is done from any computer with network access via a web interface or webserver that does not require installing any additional software. The administrator can dynamically change the channel grid, without simultaneously having to retune every televisions.
  • Rackmount 19 "to operadoresy TV distribution networks
  • CompactMax-1 is integrated into a standard module rack 1U 19 ". It can be used in TV headers of all kinds: hotels, convention centers, hospitals, ships, etc. It can also be used in television repeaters to cover shadowed areas.
  • Processing digital-to-digital preserving 100% of the original quality
  • The digital-to-digital conversion with no intermediate analogue steps, is a process that preserves 100% of video quality and original sound as the transport stream bit output are equal to the input bit.
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EAN 8400710000024
System 4IN - 4OUT
SERIE Compact
Length 0.5 meters
Color White
Product Brand Promax
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