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Varistor V22ZA2-10mm14V-10N220K

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Varistor V22ZA2-10mm14V-10N220K

Varistors are used to protect the intercom from the electronic circuit, they are often necessary to install in electric locks.

This varistor is the one administered by Fermax for installation in its intercoms, video intercoms or door openers.

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Technical Specifications of Varistor V22ZA2-10mm14V-10N220K

Connect one varistor across the gate opener terminals and another across the amplifier terminals C and N.

MODEL: 10D220k

Maximum allowed voltage AC (V): 14

Maximum allowable DC voltage (V): 18

Clamping voltage (V): 43

24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8416800000010
Color Blue
Sistema Portero/Videoportero VDS
Product Brand Fermax
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