Installations Programmer for VDS Systems

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Fermax 3265 Audio/Video VDS Installations Programmer

The VDS installation programmer allows us to check and program the operation of any digital installation easily and quickly. This device is aimed at technical services and installers.

Its function is carried out by connecting this device to any point of the installation (entrance panel, telephone or monitor) to receive the information. Although it feeds from the installation itself, it can be made portable with alligator clips.

Installations Programmer and Tester for Digital Intercom VDS Systems

What technical specifications does the VDS Fermax 3265 Installation Programmer have?

  • The panel menu (PNL): allows you to program the terminals of the installation and make a call to them.
  • The spy menu (SPY): shows the commands that circulate on the bus, identifying the terminal from which the order was generated and confirming whether there has been a response from the entrance panel or the concierge. Identify up to 12 different commands (see box below).
  • The linear analysis menu (L): checks if there is a terminal in communication with the entrance panel. It also indicates the voltage on the line.
  • The monitor menu (MON): verifies the existence of a main board in the installation and whether or not it is operational.
  • Cabling
  • Audio: 3-wire bus.
  • Video: UTP CAT5 / 5 wires / 3 wires + Coaxial (video).
  • Maximum distance from first access to last home: 200 m.
  • System power: 18 Vdc
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EAN 8424299032658
System VDS
Color Gray
Type Accessories
Product Brand Fermax
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