Ventilación con termostato para racks de 800mm.

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The ventilation establishes itself in the ceiling of the cupboard rack.
It is grooves to facilitate the ventilation across 4 ventilators.
His function is to avoid the overheating of the devices that they find in the cupboard.
ATTENTION: Every manufacturer has specific accessories for his racks, that is to say, our units of ventilation, only they serve in our cupboards Rack.


  • His manufacture is realized in steel of 1.2mm. with lamination in cold. 
  • It has 4 ventilators of 120x120mm. and 220V 
  • Identical with black RAL 9005 dull. 
  • It includes screws for his installation. 
  • It includes adjustable thermostat. 
  • Individual appears.

Characteristics of the thermostat:

  • Regulation of 6 to 30ºC 
  • Calibrated of 20ºC ±1ºC 
  • Differential of 1.0ºC ±0.5ºC 
  • Temperature of work of 6 to 30ºC 
  • Maximum temperature of 50ºC 
  • Tension of nominal impulse of 2.500V
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EAN 8409168800026
Depth 800 mm
Rack accessories Ventilation units
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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