Ventilation for racks of 600mm

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The ventilation establishes itself in the ceiling of the cupboard rack.
It has grooves to facilitate the ventilation across the ventilators.
His function is to avoid the overheating of the devices that they find in the cupboard.
ATTENTION: Every manufacturer has specific accessories for his racks, that is to say, our units of ventilation, only they serve in our cupboards Rack.


  • It occupies 1U. 
  • It has digital screen of 2 digits. 
  • Identical with black RAL 9005 dull.

Characteristics of the thermostat:

  • Range from 20 up to 80 º 
  • Tolerance of +/-1 % 
  • Has configurable sensor. 
  • It has alarm of overheating.
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EAN 8414606666225
Color Black
Units 1
Depth 600 mm
Rack accessories Ventilation units
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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