VEO-XS 4.0 DUOX Color 4.3" Monitor Fermax OUTLET

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OUTLET: VEO-XS 4.0 DUOX Color 4.3" Monitor Fermax 9448

VEO-XS monitor with 4.3" Color screen for Fermax DUOX video door entry systems. Monitor with Hands-free communication and extra-flat, compact and discreet design. With a textured finish to facilitate cleaning and ultraviolet protection against sunlight.

DUOX technology stands out for its easy connection using 2 non-polarized wires. Its OSD menu and the position of the buttons makes its configuration simple and intuitive for the user.

This monitor does not include the 9447 connector, required for installation.

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OUTLET: VEO-XS DUOX Monitor with Hands Free and 4.3" Color Screen

What technical specifications does the Fermax 9448 Monitor have?

    • Technology: DUOX (full digital 2-wire non-polarized)
    • Audio / Video System: Audio / Video Color
    • Mounting: Surface (request separate connector ref. 9447)
    • Desktop support: Yes (ref. 9420)
    • Hands-free communication: Yes
    • Optional press-to-talk communication: Yes
    • Inductive loop version: Yes (monitor ref. 9458)
    • Screen dimensions: 4.3 ”(Panoramic 16: 9)
    • Screen resolution (H x V): 480 x 272
    • Product Color: Matte White
    • Total buttons: 5 Type of mechanical buttons (silicone)
    • Number of LEDs for light signals: 3 (red, blue, green with various states)
    • From the terminal: From the OSD menu
    • From the license plate or concierge: Yes
    • From the plate through the doorbell (without entering the house): Yes
    • Automatic photo capture (PHOTOCALLER): Yes (1 photo / call, up to 150 photos, 320 x 240 pixels). This function can be enabled by the user. Disabled by default
    • Call to the concierge center: Yes (from the door open button)
    • Self-ignition: Yes (up to 3 plates / cameras)
    • On-screen OSD menu: Yes
    • Button for additional function F1: Yes (sending negative and / or command)
    • Additional function F2 from screen: Yes (command only, not negative)
    • Door bell with differentiated plate melody: Yes
    • Connection for devices add. (ext. of calls, act. of lights and bells, etc.): Yes (ref. 2040, ref. 2438, ref. 3257)
    • Additional terminals with the same address: Yes, maximum 2 additional terminals (an additional power supply may be required)
    • Doormatic (opening function for professionals): Yes (configurable up to 12 h). Green led activated.
    • Date and time: Yes (manually and automatically from the internet via wifi)
    • Melody Selection: Yes (5)
    • Call volume regulation: Yes (10 levels per OSD menu and slider)
    • Do not disturb function: Yes (via OSD menu) + Red led signaling
    • Conversation Audio Volume Regulation: Yes (10 levels per OSD menu and slider)
    • Brightness, contrast and color regulation: Yes (via OSD menu)
    • Product dimensions (Width x Height x Depth mm): 125 x 165 x 21
    • Time to answer or open since the call occurs: 30 s.
    • Talk time: 90 s.
    • Conversation privacy: Yes
    • Supply voltage: 18 Vdc
    • Maximum consumption (W): 6.5W (14.4W the ref. 9458 if inductive loop activated)
    • Standby power consumption (W): 0.8 W
    • Operating temperature (ºC); Humidity: [-5ºC, + 40ºC]; [0%, 90%]
    • Line adapter included in the monitor: Yes (A, C, default position OFF) Terminals Bin, Bin, Bout, Bout, -, A +, F1, T
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