2/W Audio Kit 4+N City VEO of 2 Homes

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Audio City VEO 4+N Kit of 2 Homes Fermax 4862

4+N analog door entry kit for 2 homes with all the necessary material for a complete installation: 2 push-button Cityline S1 panel with its flush-mounted box, 12Vac/1A DIN power supply and 2 VEO telephones.

This kit allows the installation of up to 3 telephones, without extra power. Possibility of adding a 2nd access by buying the same panel (FER4846) and its embedding box (FER8948), plus an audio changer (FER8811) and a voltage distributor (FER8809).

For this kit it is recommended to use the Fermax 3071 lock release (not included).

4+N Analog Audio Kit of 2 Ways with Cityline Panel and 2 VEO Telephones

What does the Fermax 4862 2-House Audio Kit include?

  • 4846. 2W CityLine Panel 4+N + Flush box ref.8948
  • 3426. VEO 4+N Telephone (2 units)
  • 4802. Power supply (12Vac/1A). DIN4.

What are the main features of the Fermax 4862 Audio Kit?

  • Installation: 4 + N (1 wire per house).
  • The door entry kits for buildings include all the necessary material for a complete installation and immediate operation: entrance panel and flush-mounting box, DIN 12Vac / 1A power supply (ref. 4802) and 2 VEO telephones


  • 2nd Access: Request the reference of the plate included in the kit and its embedding box + audio changer (ref.8811) + voltage distributor (ref.8809).
  • Expansion in homes without extra power: 3 telephones.
  • Recommended lock release: 450N-S lock release (ref.3071). Normal operation and short shield. 12Vac.
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EAN 8424299048628
System 4+N
Color White
Color Portero/Videoportero Solo Audio
Type Complete Kit
Product Brand Fermax
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