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Televes solutions for triple play over fiber optics. They are compact devices and fiablres for GPON and RF overlay networks. Allow access to "multiple-play" services such as high-speed internet, voip, wifi, video (IPTV, VOD and RF Overlay), Poe, etc.

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  1. AS60 SFP module for EPON OLT PX20 ++
    SKU: NUCPE43204

    €42.35 Tax included
  2. GPON WiFi Router Dual-Band AC1200 with VoIP

    €66.07 Tax included
  3. ONU Basic Module with 1 Gb Ethernet port 769507 from Televes
    SKU: TEL769507

    €117.98 Tax included
  4. Módulo ONT Standard: 1 x GB Ethernet, RF Overlay
    SKU: TEL769503

    €158.45 Tax included
  5. Modulo ONT Office 4XGb Eth+2xFXS+2x USB, WLAN
    SKU: TEL769501

    €229.90 Tax included
  6. Ont Home with Wifi AC with 4 ports GB Ethernet
    SKU: TEL769514

    €254.10 Tax included
  7. ONT module Home 4XGb Eth + 2xFXS + 2x USB, WLAN , RF
    SKU: TEL769502

    €302.50 Tax included
  8. Home Ont Module with Wifi AC 769504 from Televes
    SKU: TEL769504

    €326.70 Tax included
  9. OLT EPON 4 Port SFP NCD-1204S Nucom
    SKU: NUC1204S

    €592.90 Tax included
  10. Fiberdata servidor + monitorización
    SKU: TEL769130

    €3,430.35 Tax included
  11. Modulo OLT 8X Pon+8X Gb Eth+2x10Gb Eth (inc FA)
    SKU: TEL769401

    €9,075.00 Tax included

11 Items

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