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Phone strips and accessories

In this section you can find material telephony is used in public areas of the buildings. Boxes of records, phone strips of 5 or 10 pairs, with its strip holder and cover. All these accessories are sold separately and are complementary and necessary for installation.

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  1. Identifying Cover for 5-pair Televes Telephone Strip
    SKU: TEL2198

    €1.15 Tax included
  2. Support 1 strip 10 pairs.
    SKU: TEL2188

    €1.46 Tax included
  3. Strip cutting and testing 5 pairs

    €2.41 Tax included
  4. Identify Caratula TB to 10 pairs strip.
    SKU: TEL2181

    €2.47 Tax included
  5. Televes 5-Pair Telephony Strip
    SKU: TEL2173A

    €3.09 Tax included
  6. Strip 10 pairs.
    SKU: TEL2172

    €4.32 Tax included
  7. Support 10 strips 10 pairs.
    SKU: TEL2182

    €10.04 Tax included
  8. 10'' Metal Strip with 3 Sockets + Switch and 2M Cable

    €16.15 Tax included
  9. Distribution Box 11 strips 10 pairs.
    SKU: TEL2189

    €34.23 Tax included

    9 Items

    per page
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