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WIFI antennas

The wireless antennas are used to transmit or receive internet signal through the wireless network. All antennas are both transmitting and receiving, are bidirectional. An antenna placed outdoors and connected to the router can issue the wifi signal over a long distance. Another antenna facing forward to the first can receive your signal and connected to a router can give internet connection to the remote network. The wireless links are very common them.

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  1. Nano USB WiFi 150Mbps Adapter Mercusys
    SKU: MER-MW150US

    €4.28 Tax included
  2. Mini WiFi USB 300Mbps Adapter Mercusys
    SKU: MER-MW300UM

    €6.38 Tax included
  3. W5 antenna for Opticum Sloth Classic receiver

    €6.49 Tax included
  4. USB WiFi Antenna for QVIART OG, VIARK and APEBOX Receivers

    €7.74 Tax included
  5. Mini Wifi Antenna for Satellite Receivers

    €10.41 Tax included
  6. Wifi Antenna for Qviart Mini
    SKU: WIFI7601

    €11.98 Tax included
  7. Wifi antenna for receivers
    SKU: WIFI5370

    €11.98 Tax included
  8. USB 3.0 to RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 Adapter Cable

    €21.08 Tax included

8 Items

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USB WIFI Antennas