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Optical transmitters and receivers

Transmitters that generate an optical output at 1330 nm or 1550 modulated RF signal on this entry. And the optical receivers that deliver original signal RF has previously been converted by an issuer of FO

Both senders and receivers are complementary equipment. It takes two to make a complete transmission.

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  1. FC / PC to SC / PC adapter connector
    SKU: ANTVS144612

    €2.59 Tax included
  2. Splitter module for 4-port FAST-2 splice box SC / APC

    €11.17 Tax included
  3. Splitter module for FAST-2 8-port SC / APC junction box

    €12.92 Tax included
  4. Junction box for outdoor of 4 entrances for 12 fibers
    SKU: L-KM1-12

    €14.34 Tax included
  5. Splice Box FO 8 SC/APC FTTH Exterior
    SKU: TECFO080008

    €17.39 Tax included
  6. Splitter module for 16-port FAST-2 SC / APC box

    €21.89 Tax included
  7. Televes 20V and 1.2A power supply
    SKU: TEL237050

    €26.27 Tax included
  8. MC110CS 10/100Mbps to Single-Mode Fiber Converter SC 20km
    SKU: TL-MC110CS

    €31.92 Tax included
  9. RJ45 to SC single mode fiber converter MC112CS from TP-LINK
    SKU: TL-MC112CS

    €36.81 Tax included
  10. Box for wall or 32x21x8.7 pole for 16 fibers

    €36.83 Tax included
  11. 2-port outdoor splice box for 24 fibers
    SKU: L-KMC1-91-1C

    €38.70 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 53

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Optical fiber Tx-Rx