Wall Screw Neck Support 'L' 200mm

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Wall support 'L' of 200mm

The clamp 61015 is a surface claw for fastening a mast on a wall or a wall.

This support is screwed to the wall by 4 screws of 8mm diameter.

The 61015 support is usable with masts up to 50mm in diameter.

It is also made with 3mm thick iron sheet and angle of 30 x 30 x 3mm.


The clamp 61015 allows the attachment of a mast up to 50mm in diameter to the wall.

What technical characteristics does claw 61015 have?

  • Threaded clamp M-8
  • Base plate attached to angle by electric welding.
  • Antioxidant protection bath, zinc-plated.
  • Weight: 0.565Kg

What is the clamp 61015 used for?

A claw such as claw 61015 is used to place a mast on the wall at a distance of 200mm. Two supports are needed to maintain the mast vertically.

More Information
EAN 8429898014029
System Support
Support Type Mast Support
Pair required Yes
Max. Antenna Diameter 50 cm
Enviroment Wall
Mounting Screwed
Product Brand Satélite Rover
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