Wifi Antenna for Qviart Mini

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Wifi antenna for satellite receivers.

With this antenna Wifi you will be able to obtain Internet connectivity in our satellite receiver.

This antenna can be used with the receivers Opticum AX300 and Sloth and TBoston TS2001, since the Wi-Fi connection of these receivers have the same technology that uses the Chipset of this mini wifi antenna.

Indicate receiver model in observations when ordering to check operation.

This USB wifi antenna is used to have internet connection via Wifi in our satellite receiver.

In what receivers can we use the 7601 wifi antenna?

This Wifi antenna is compatible with the following receivers: Opticum AX300, Opticum Sloth classic, Opticum Sloth Mini, Opticum Sloth plus, Tboston TS2001

What is a Wi-Fi antenna used for on a receiver?

Some receivers bring the built-in Wi-Fi technology but the receiver does not include the Wi-Fi antenna, in these cases it must be purchased separately.

There are also times that if you have a Wi-Fi connection integrated in the decoder itself, but the signal is very weak and does not reach us with force to our receiver, then we can look for a wifi antenna to make it receive more signal.

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EAN 8415876010015
System WiFi
Color Black
Network Equipment WIFI Antenna
PoE No
Product Brand TDTprofesional
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