Optical transmitter 1310nm ''SC/APC'' 10dBM from Televes, Ref. 233306

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Optical transmitter 1310nm ''SC/APC'' 10dBM from Televes, Ref. 233306

Optical transmitter with radiofrequency input compatible with SMATV, different power outputs, reaching a maximum of 6 dbm, radiofrequency input level control for adjusting quality parameters, control signals for monitoring the optical signal of output and relay for the implementation of alarm for optical power drop.

With this transmitter you will be able to convert the RF signal coming from the headend to an optical signal to distribute it through fiber optics. This solution is widely used in hotel complexes, large-area homes, where the distance to the distribution system is very large and the coaxial cable adds a lot of losses.

Simple to install, its optical connectors are SC/APC type and F type in RF.


Used in conjunction with: Ref. 2335 (optical receiver) and Ref. 5629 (power supply)

Technical Specifications of the Televes 1310nm ''SC/APC'' 10dBM Optical Transmitter, Ref. 233306


RF parameters Frequency range MHz 47 - 2400
Flatness 47-1200 MHz dB ±0.5
950-2400 MHz ±2
Impedance Ohm 75
Input level RF dBμV 73 - 93
SAT 63 - 83
Manual gain adjustment dB 0 ... 14 (2dB steps)
C/N dB >51
CSO dB >60
CTB dB >60
Optical Laser type MQW - DFB
Wavelength nm 1310 ± 10
Output optical power dBm 6
General RF connectors type “F” female
Optical connector SC/APC
Consumption 12 Vdc mA 260
24 Vdc 155
Operating temperature ºC -5 ... +45
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EAN 8424450169063
Color Black
Product Brand Televes
FO Distribution FO Transmitter
Entorno Interior
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