3-input FM-DAB-UHF interior mixer with DC current passage

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Televes 3-way mast 404010 mast

Televes Universal 404010 terrestrial mixer has 3 inputs, FM-DAB-UHF and current passage.

This terrestrial signal mixer allows you to mix in a single coaxial cable the signal received by a TDT antenna, an FM antenna and a DAB antenna.

In addition, the 404010 mixer incorporates an LTE filter to avoid interference with the 4G band.

The mixer 404010 mixes a terrestrial signal received by a TDT antenna, an FM radio signal and a digital radio signal DAB to transmit said signal by a single coaxial cable.

What technical features does the Televes 404010 mixer have?

  • Band mixer presented in ABS safe for outdoor use.
  • Connection by easyF flange system.
  • UHF-FM-DAB inputs.
  • Inputs with current flow.
  • Losses of 10 dB
  • Rejection between 20 dB input.
  • Step DCmax of 100.
  • Protection index IP23.

What is the 404010 mixer used for?

A mixer such as Televes 404010 is used to mix the signals from the FM, DAB and terrestrial antenna so as to transmit all the services by a single cable.

Why is current current important?

If we have an active antenna that has a gain amplifier or a mast amplifier, to get the gain that we need in our television, we will need a mixer that allows the passage of current from the power supply, if not the amplifier It will not do its job properly.

More Information
EAN 8424450179734
System DTT & SAT
SERIE Brida Connector
Color Silver
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Mixer
Entorno Interior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection Flange
Input signal DAB, FM, UHF
Product Brand Televes
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