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37/5000 8x60mm metric screw metal stud

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Taco metallic screw 8x60mm Tecatel TCM-860

Metallic expansion plug for 11mm drill bit, ideal for fixing hollow materials. Its placement is very simple and offers a strong and durable fixation on ceilings, walls and floors, valid for any surface (concrete, stone, brick, etc)

A perfect solution for the installation of the support of a parabolic as well as for the support of television stands, street furniture, storage shelves or metal railings.

For more information, here is a link to a very illustrative video about this type of anchors.

24/48 Hours

The TCM-860 metal stud is perfect for wall mounting of our television stand.

What technical characteristics does the TCM-860 block have?

  • 8x60mm metric plug
  • 11mm drill needed
  • Metal block
  • 1 unit

How is the TCM-860 plug installed?

  • We mark and make the hole in the support, with the drill and a suitable drill of the same diameter as the plug that we are going to use.
  • We introduce the taco, helping us with a hammer.
  • Tighten the screw, until the block offers an appropriate resistance.
  • Remove the screw and check that the block is firmly attached to the wall.
  • When inserting this type of studs, we can also opt for the use of a special gun that will greatly facilitate the work.
  • Next, we place our support on the wall, in order to introduce the screws into the studs.
  • Using that same screw, we can fix the desired object, in a strong and safe way.
24/48 Hours
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EAN 8430549017511
System Accessories
SERIE Hardware store
Color Silver
Type Blocks, Screws
Product Brand Tecatel
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