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5G 50dB filter for indoor 5-694 MHz

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50G high-rejection 5G filter for indoor installation

Low-pass filter TE-TF005 to eliminate 5G interference in the DTT signal. It has a high 50dB rejection on channel 48.

The filter supports DC passing current to be able to supply active equipment of the installation that needs up to 24 Vdc 100 mA.

Compact device designed to be installed indoors.

24/48 Hours

Tecatel LTE700 filter for the 5G frequency band, highly selective equipment that supports the passage of current to power amplifiers or DTT antennas that require it.

What technical specifications does the Tecatel 5G TE-TF005 filter have?

  • Reference: 02577
  • Pass band: 5-694 MHz
  • Cutting band: 733-1000 MHz
  • 5 MHz attenuation: <0.3 dB
  • 694 MHz attenuation: <3 dB
  • 733 MHz attenuation:> 50 dB
  • Return loss:> 10 dB
  • DC step current: 24 Vdc 100mA max.
  • Operating temperature: -20º + 50º
  • Dimensions / Weight: 80x27x19 mm / 0.085 kg
More Information
EAN 8430549065345
Color Silver
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Filter
Entorno Exterior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection F
Cut channel 48
Input signal UHF
Insertion Loss (dB) 50
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