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Antenna TDT-UHF V Zenit Televes LTE 5G

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DTT V Zenit LTE2 Televes antenna

UHF V Zenit Televes antenna with average gain of 13dB for areas where there is good UHF signal.

Robust and compact antenna with flat frequency response, built in stainless aluminum for long life and in ABS plastic for great weather resistance. Great robusted and stability against adverse weather conditions.

Reception of channels 21 through 48 corresponding to the 2nd Digital Dividend, integrated 5G LTE filter to eliminate interference with channels greater than 48.

24/48 Hours

DTT V Zenit Televes antenna of medium gain, prepared for the Second Digital Dividend with its rejection filter for the 5G band.

What are the main features of the Televes 149221 Zenit V antenna?

  • Quick and secure reflector assembly system.
  • Robust mechanics with outstanding performance in vibrating situations.
  • Compact: excellent ratio between gain and length.
  • Flatness of the frequency response in the UHF band.
  • Built with aluminium (corrosion resistant ) for a long service life, and in ABS plastic for high weather resistance.
  • The mast-mounting system utilizes Zamak to provide sturdiness and stability in adverse weather conditions.
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe, our products undergo the most stringent quality controls.
  • The connection box includes a balun for impedance matching.

What technical specifications does the UHF Televes 149221 V Zenit antenna have?

Channels 21-48
Working band MHz 470...698
Gain dBi 13
F/B ratio dB >23
Wind load N 93 (@ 130 Km/h)
128 (@ 150 Km/h)
Mast diameter mm 20...50
More Information
EAN 8424450184219
Type DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain Medium
Dipole Passive
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required No
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