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DTT-UHF Dinova Televes antenna with LTE 5G without accessories

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Quick Overview

DTT-UHF Dinova Televes antenna with 5G filter

Discreet directive antenna UHF Dinova 144021 of Televes ideal for those people who need a small terrestrial antenna that does not modify the aesthetics of its facade.

The Dinova is an active antenna that can be powered at 12-24V if signal amplification of up to 34 dB maximum is required, the gain is automatically regulated according to the level of the signal it receives, whether it is very strong or very weak.

This DTT antenna is suitable for use in the 2nd Digital Dividend thanks to its integrated LTE2 filter to reject channels greater than 48 and thus eliminate interference with the 5G. Capture between channels 21-48.



TDT-UHF Dinova Televes antenna with a maximum gain of 34 dB if it is powered and an integrated 5G LTE filter for the Second Digital Dividend.

What are the main features of the Dinova 144021 Televes antenna?

  • High dynamic range: It allows high-quality TV reception in a wide variety of critical situations, from areas where signals are very weak to installations with high reception levels.
  • DTT coverage area enhancement.
  • Very high gain.
  • A more stable reception: supports signal variations or fading without any impact on the TV installation.
  • Protected against corrosion:
    • Clamp support reinforced with glass fibre: does not rust, reduces antenna weight and improves material outdoor performance.
    • The clamp has an Reacting Coating Process (RCP) based on an anti-corrosion treatment, and provides a robust mounting.
    • The radome is highly resistant to salinity, humidity and other adverse weather conditions (IP 53).
  • Low power consumption in intelligent mode.
  • LTE-Ready: equipped with LTE filters to avoid mobile phone signals caused by the use of 5G/4G devices in the environment.
  • Two operation modes:
    • In intelligent mode (with antenna feeding), BOSS provides automatic control to correct signal fluctuations and maintain optimal output signal level.
    • In passive mode (without power supply), the signal goes through.
  • Mounting options for both horizontal and vertical polarizations.
  • Easy mounting. Furthermore, they can be bought as a kit, including all the accessories required for installation.

What technical specifications does the Dinova 144021 Televes antenna have?

 Working band MHz LTE700 470 - 694
 Channels LTE700 21-48
 Maximum gain dBi 4-7 34*
 Output level dBμV ---- Auto*
 Noise figure dB ---- 2,5
 Supply voltage V 0 12-24
 Maximum current mA ---- 45
 Protection index IP 53
 Wind load N 70 (@ 130 km/h)
96 (@ 150 km/h)

* The gain varies automatically depending on the output level.

Additional Information
EAN 8424450190722
Manufacturer Televes
Type DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain High
Dipole Active
Electronic Yes
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required Yes, not included
Feed Power 12 Vc, 24 Vc

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