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Antenna UHF-TDT 15dB MAX-44 LTE 5G Engel

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Engel Axil
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Outdoor UHF Antenna 15.5dB MAX-44 LTE 5G Engel AN6001G5

DVB-T2 terrestrial antenna with 15.5dB gain and 5G LTE filtering. This antenna allows to receive all the channels of the UHF band (470-694 MHz), including those of high definition; also compatible with 4K Ultra HD channels.

Outdoor DTT antenna made of aluminum, highly robust and weather resistant. It has a double large-area reflective grill to improve the front/rear ratio. Tubular dipole reinforced with watertight box that provides protection against short circuits and attenuation due to humidity or rain.

Its ultra-fast assembly system stands out: easy assembly, without using tools.


24/48 Hours

Engel MAX-44 Outdoor UHF Terrestrial Antenna with 15.5dB gain and integrated 5G LTE filter

What technical specifications does the Engel AN6001G5 UHF Antenna have?

  • Frequency: 470-694 MHz
  • Channel: 21-49
  • Impedance: 75 Ω
  • Number of Elements: 15
  • Gain: 11-15.5 dBi
  • Front / back ratio: 15-25 dB
  • Beam Width (V / H): H 34º / V 38º
  • Length: 1282 mm
More Information
EAN 8434128002127
Type DTT 5G
Entorno Exterior
Orientation Directive
Gain Medium
Dipole Passive
LTE compatible Yes
Supply required No
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