Recessed Base for "T" Type Floor Support

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Flush Mount Televes 7409 for Floor Support "T"

Fitting to embed the Televes 7576 and 757602 floor supports. This base has a height of 200mm, made of steel with high resistance to corrosion thanks to the Zinc + RPR treatment.

With this base you can embed the "T" floor supports in concrete instead of screwing them, achieving a superior fixation to support heavy antennas.

Recessed Base for "T" type floor supports 7576 and 757602 for Televes

What are the main characteristics of the Televes 7409 embeddable base?

  • Allows a "T" type support to be embedded in concrete (ref. 7576 and 757602)
  • Zinc plating + RPR treatment: Great resistance to corrosion
  • Dimensions: 160 x 160 x 200 mm
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EAN 8424450074091
System Support
Support Type Antenna Support
Pair required No
Enviroment Floor
Mounting Embedded
Product Brand Televes
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