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Cable Management Ties

We have ties for cable organization and mast amplifiers campling among other uses.

We have short, medium and long cable ties in black and white colors. In this category you will also find velcro ties that have the advantage of being reusable, also in different colors to facilitate the identification of cables.

The cable ties help us organize the wiring to avoid having tangles of cables that are difficult to untangle. It is always pleasing to the eye to have the cables neatly arranged and collected. This is especially important in rack cabinets and PCs where having loose cables makes it difficult to access the hardware and can cause overheating by interrupting the air flow, precluding the equipment from being properly ventilated.


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  1. Ø 8mm pressure plug for flange (1 unit)

    €0.08 Tax included
  2. Flanges nylon Black 3,5x200. 100 units

    €2.96 Tax included
  3. Velcro Flange 250x15mm Black for Cables (10 Units)
    SKU: TEL200102

    €3.24 Tax included
  4. Helical White Ribbon (17 mm) 2.5 meter s

    €4.25 Tax included
  5. Multi-purpose Velcro Loop 15 pcs 12x125mm
    SKU: HRV306

    €5.00 Tax included
  6. Flanges nylon Black 25x0,48. 100 units

    €5.03 Tax included
  7. Cable marker flanges 100 mm, 100 units
    SKU: IC-IT18100M

    €5.49 Tax included
  8. Multi-purpose Velcro Loop 15 pcs 12x150mm
    SKU: HRV307

    €6.09 Tax included
  9. Multi-purpose Velcro Loop 15 pcs 12x200mm
    SKU: HRV308

    €7.26 Tax included
  10. 8 Meters Velcro Tape Black for Cables
    SKU: TEL200101

    €13.41 Tax included
  11. Flanges 20x0.35 White Color Polyamide 100 units

    €1.92 Tax included
  12. Flanges nylon Black 250x0,48. 100 units

    €5.05 Tax included

12 Items

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