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Special Coaxial Cables

The coaxial cables of 75 ohms has a diameter of 6,7-7 mm normally, but we have differents diameters of coaxial cables to make the distribution of the signals of television. In this section you will find this cables, that they are very useful in facilities and Freeview TV.

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  1. Coaxial Cable RG59 Cu/CuSn Indoor PVC White to Cut
    SKU: TEL210603A

    €0.88 Tax included
  2. Indoor Coaxial Cable CCS/Al 5mm White FTE (100m)
    SKU: FTEK121W

    €25.85 Tax included
  3. RG59 Cu/CCA Coaxial Cable for CCTV White 100m
    SKU: RG59U-100BL

    €32.67 Tax included
  4. Coaxial Cable indoor 0,23 dB, cu 100 meters
    SKU: TEL210603B

    €54.69 Tax included
  5. White CCTV coaxial cable and power coil 100m
    SKU: DAXED0350B

    €67.57 Tax included
  6. Coaxial cable RG59 + power RG59ALI in 100m coil

    €87.12 Tax included
  7. RG59 Coaxial Cable for CCTV White Coil 300 m External Diameter 6.0 mm
    SKU: RG59U-300BL

    €98.01 Tax included
  8. 10mm Cu outer coaxial cable in black color of 250m

    €204.19 Tax included
  9. Coaxial Cable Cu / Cu Bury Dca 10mm (250m)
    SKU: TEL214911C

    €503.21 Tax included
  10. 15mm coaxial cable Cu, PE in black color for exterior in 250m coil
    SKU: N-115CUC

    €643.72 Tax included
  11. 15mm coaxial cable Cu, Cu PE in black color for outdoor in 500m coil
    SKU: 27115FCD

    €1,389.08 Tax included

14 Items

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RG59, RG11 Coaxial Cables