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Network Cable UTP data

In this section we have cables for data networks. UTP Category 5 and Category 6 cable is the usual indoor, outdoor cable is black and we indicated in the product. Indoor there is a cable that is purple / pink / purple color is halogen free. This means that is made inífugo material.

For the election of a UTP cable category should be considered (5 or 6), if we want it inside or outside, and if be inside if we want halogen free or not.

The difference between UTP cable category 5 and category 6 is speed. The latter being twice as fast than the previous.

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  1. CAT6 Cu, Al UTP cable with white inside PVC sheath
    SKU: TEL219901A

    €0.50 Tax included
  2. CCA Cat 5E outdoor UTP cable in black color

    €1.28 Tax included
  3. UTP cable CAT5E CCA PVC interior in white color in 25m coil

    €4.24 Tax included
  4. Data cable UTP category 5 E TECATEL outdoor grey color, 25 meters
    SKU: TECUTP5G/25

    €5.36 Tax included
  5. UTP Cable Cat 5E CCA Indoor PVC Gray (100m) Daxis
    SKU: DAXED0314

    €16.23 Tax included
  6. UTP Cat 5E CCA Outdoor PE Black Cable (100m)
    SKU: WIR9045

    €27.04 Tax included
  7. Cat 6 UTP Cable Flexible Indoor PVC Gray (100m)
    SKU: CAT6UTP100

    €28.28 Tax included
  8. Cable UTP Cat 6 CCA Outdoor PP White (100m)

    €30.67 Tax included
  9. Cat 6 CCA UTP Cable Indoor PVC Gray (100m)
    SKU: WIR9043

    €33.93 Tax included
  10. Cable UTP Cat 6 CCA Outdoor PE Black (100m)
    SKU: WIR9048

    €44.25 Tax included
  11. CCA CAT5e UTP cable PVC coil 305m
    SKU: DAXED0313B

    €45.50 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 46

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UTP Cable