Camping Kit with 35cm Satellite Dish + Compass

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Megasat Kit with 35cm Satellite Dish for Camping

The kit consists of a galvanized 35cm dish with wall bracket, handrail or flat horizontal surface (eg caravan roof). Includes a small compass. Does not include LNB.

It comes with a carrying case so that everything is collected and can be transported with comfort and safety. It comes with all the mounting accessories (suction cup, wall bracket, table stand, mast support and compass).

Kit with 35cm satellite antenna and Megasat compass

What are the main characteristics of the Megasat 35cm camping parabolic kit?

  • 35cm antenna
  • Includes compass.
  • Support for wall, mast and suction cup.
  • Transport case.
  • Does not include LNB.
  • Ideal for motorhomes / camping.
  • Weight 3kg

More information about this camping kit in the following video (spanish)

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