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3dB Passive Omnidirectional DTT Antenna (C21-69) Megasat

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Megasat Passive Omnidirectional DTT Antenna

Passive antenna for receiving DTT channels and Digital Radio. It needs to be used in conjunction with a DTT receiver or television with integrated DTT.

It is not an antenna to be left outdoors permanently. The antenna has a magnet at the base that allows it to be easily attached to a metal surface. A common use is to watch a portable television by attaching the antenna to the car or the caravan.

When finished using, it peels off and stores easily. It can also be used indoors if there is a very good signal. We recommend its use outdoors.

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Omnidirectional Passive UHF (DVB-T) Antenna with magnet for Caravan, Car or Van

What are the main characteristics of the Megasat Passive Omnidirectional DTT Antenna?

  • DVB-T passive antenna
  • UHF frequency range: 174MHz - 230MHz
  • VHF frequency range: 470MHz - 862Mhz
  • Passive gain: 3 dB
  • Shielded connection
  • Magnetic support
  • Connection: antenna connector (male CEI)
  • Cable lengths: 150 cm
  • Measurements:
    • Height: 140mm
    • Width: 30mm
    • Depth: 30mm
    • Weight: 32g
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More Information
EAN 6845865412360
System DTT
SERIE Pasive
Type DTT 4G
Entorno Interior
Orientation Omnidirectional
Gain Low
Dipole Passive
LTE compatible No
Supply required No
Product Brand Megasat
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