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  1. Universal Binary Sensor FGBS-002 Smart Implant
    SKU: FIBFGBS-222

    €47.57 Tax included
  2. White window or door sensor FGDW-002-1 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGDW0021

    €52.44 Tax included
  3. Dark brown window / door sensor FGDW-002-7 Z-Wave Plus
    SKU: FIBFGDW0027

    €52.44 Tax included
  4. Fibaro Z-wave magnetic contact window/door sensor in black colour
    SKU: FIBFGDW0023

    €52.44 Tax included
  5. Ajax Magnetic Door/Window Contact

    €54.00 Tax included
  6. Fibaro Roller Shutter FGR-223
    SKU: FIBFGR223

    €65.52 Tax included
  7. Ajax Roller shutter controller series Walli Anthracite

    €68.85 Tax included
  8. Opening of Garage Doors or Activation of 3G relays
    SKU: ESIM320

    €249.56 Tax included

8 Items

per page
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