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PoE Injectors or PoE Switches for CCTV

PoE technology allows you to power network equipment through the data cable itself (UTP/FTP/STP). Offering greater versatility and simplicity in installation.

In IP video surveillance systems, this function is very useful so as not to have to connect each camera to a schuko with a transformer, but rather that all of them are power centrally through the switch or by adding a PoE injector in the network.

In installation of several cameras and especially in places where there are no plugs where we want to put the camera, PoE technology would allow us to carry out the installation using the same RJ45 cable.

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  1. Mikrotik Passive Poe Injector

    €6.59 Tax included
  2. Gigabit POE injector 2P TL-POE160S Tp-Link
    SKU: TL-POE160S

    €25.75 Tax included
  3. POE+ Extender Switch 60W Passive 2 outputs

    €29.04 Tax included
  4. TBK POE+ injector 60W TBK-INJPOE60
    SKU: H339901058

    €44.04 Tax included
  5. Switch 10 / 100Mbps with 4 ports POE and 1 Uplink
    SKU: SWPOE54

    €52.95 Tax included
  6. Switch 8 ports PoE + 2 Uplink 10/100Mbps
    SKU: SF-SW1008POE

    €59.50 Tax included
  7. Switch Extender POE 50W Passive 4 outputs

    €59.90 Tax included
  8. Switch 10 / 100Mbps of 8 ports POE and 1 Uplink
    SKU: SWPOE98

    €62.86 Tax included
  9. Switch 8 Ports PoE 10/100 Mbps and 2 ports Uplink 10/100 Mbps

    €63.44 Tax included
  10. 4-port POE switch and 2 uplink ports for CCTV TBK-SWPOE4B

    €75.89 Tax included
  11. Switch 4 Ports 1Gb POE+ and 1 Uplink 10Gb 60W by Levelone
    SKU: GEP0523

    €83.10 Tax included
  12. Semi-managed POE+ Switch TL-SG2008P 8P GIGA
    SKU: TLSG2008P

    €88.60 Tax included
  13. Switch 4 POE Ports 75W Exterior with 4 outputs
    SKU: POE4P75W

    €91.66 Tax included
  14. 8-port switch POE DS-3E0109P-E from Hikvision
    SKU: H339977010

    €103.33 Tax included
  15. IP Switch 8 Ports POE 1587 Fermax
    SKU: FER1587

    €153.37 Tax included
  16. Switch 16 Ports Giga 2 SFP 19'' Tp-Link TL-SG2218
    SKU: TL-SG2218

    €169.35 Tax included

16 Items

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