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Buy HDTVI / 4-in-1 cameras for your installation

HD-TVI cameras, by definition, are the cameras with the best image quality - price ratio. HD-TVI cameras are digital cameras whose advantage is that they support the same type of cabling that is used for conventional analog cameras, which makes them the ideal option to upgrade older cameras and thus improve the image quality of a camera system. Monitoring using without having to change the installation.


Tips for buying a surveillance camera

In our online store we have 4 in 1 cameras. They are cameras that cover 4 different technologies: HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHS and CVBS (analog). These cameras can replace any camera, so that if your recorder is analog the camera will work without problem and if it is digital it will also support it (technologies, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHS). You can make new installations with a quality of 720p or 1080p, buying hybrid cameras (4 in 1) and HD-TVI recorder. The great advantage over IP cameras is their low price, you just have to invest a little more than buying an analog system, obtaining twice the definition of analog cameras.


Advantages of the HD-TVI digital system:

  • HD video transmission over coaxial cable, 720p (1280 × 720) and 1080p (1920 × 1080).
  • Audio transmission and telemetry over the same coaxial cable (eliminating the need for additional cable in motorized domes, cameras with OSD, etc).
  • Possibility of passing the signal through UTP cabling (being able to carry out the cabling in new installations already with UTP, to ensure a simple and fast migration to IP in the future).
  • Long wiring distances without signal loss, up to 500 meters.
  • Option to mix cameras in the same recorder, being able to use 960H (960 × 576), 720p (1280 × 720) and 1080p (1920 × 1080) at the same time. In this way, it is possible to carry out a partial migration of an existing installation, keeping a part of analog cameras, and replacing only those that are of greater importance with HD cameras.
  • Video streaming without lag. Since the digitization of the video is not carried out in the camera as occurs with IP equipment, the transmission is immediate, and there is no small delay in the image that exists in IP systems.
  • The installation methodology is the same as with an analog system. It is not necessary to acquire new knowledge to carry out HDCVI or HDTVI installations, as it can be to carry out IP installations.
  • HD-TVI is an open standard that can be manufactured by any brand. For this reason, our HD-TVI cameras and recorders are compatible with any other brand on the market that uses this same technology.


The cameras do not include a power supply. This one is sold separately.

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  1. 4 in 1 Turret 2Mpx Fixed 2.8mm IR 20m Turret Camera ColorHunter
    SKU: UV-UAC-T112-F28-W

    €21.59 Tax included
  2. 4 in 1 Bullet Camera 2MPx Fixed 2.8mm IR 20m ColorHunter
    SKU: UV-UAC-B112-F28-W

    €23.34 Tax included
  3. Dome camera 1080p 3.6 mm 2Leds 30m Outdoor
    SKU: DM821IB-F4N1

    €27.10 Tax included
  4. 2MP Startlight Safire Dome Camera SF-T903SW-2P4N1
    SKU: SFT903SW2P4N1

    €27.44 Tax included
  5. Dome Camera 1080p 4 in 1 Fixed 3.6mm and IR LEDs 30m Color Black
    SKU: DM821I-F4N1

    €27.71 Tax included
  6. 1080p Hybrid Dome Camera with Hikvision 2.8mm Optics
    SKU: H343177114

    €28.07 Tax included
  7. 2MP hybrid bullet camera, 2.8mm optics and EXIR LEDs for 30m
    SKU: HWT-B120-M

    €28.80 Tax included
  8. 2MP Startlight Safire Hybrid Bullet Camera
    SKU: SFB022SW2P4N1

    €28.97 Tax included
  9. Dome camera 2.8mm optics, a resolution of 2Mp and Exir LEDs for 20m
    SKU: HWT-T120-M

    €30.49 Tax included
  10. 4 in 1 Bullet 2MP Fixed Camera 2.8mm IR 20m
    SKU: H343177104

    €31.98 Tax included
  11. Dome camera with 5Mp resolution with a fixed 2.8mm optic and LEDs for 30m
    SKU: DM940-Q4N1

    €33.98 Tax included
  12. Camera 4 in 1 Turret 5Mpx Fixed 2.8mm IR 20m ColorHunter
    SKU: UV-UAC-T115-F28-W

    €34.06 Tax included
  13. 4 in 1 Bullet 2MP Fixed Camera 1.8mm Wide Angle IR 30m
    SKU: B032-2E4N1-WI

    €35.94 Tax included
  14. Camera 4 in 1 Bullet 2Mpx Fixed 2.8mm 20m ColorVu HWT-B129-M
    SKU: HWT-B129-M

    €36.42 Tax included
  15. Camera 4 in 1 Bullet 2Mpx 2.8mm Range 40m
    SKU: HWT-B220-M

    €36.61 Tax included
  16. Camera 4 in 1 2.8mm 40m SF-DM943-F4N1 Safire
    SKU: SF-DM943-F4N1

    €37.00 Tax included
  17. 4 in 1 Bullet Camera 5Mpx Fixed 2.8mm IR 20m ColourHunter
    SKU: UV-UAC-B115-F28-W

    €37.45 Tax included
  18. Hikvision Minidome Camera 4 in 1 (CVI-TVI-AHD-Analog) 5Mpx
    SKU: HWT-T150-M

    €41.50 Tax included
  19. Hikvision Fixed 5Mpx 2.8mm IR 20m Hybrid Bullet Camera
    SKU: HWT-B150-M

    €41.50 Tax included
  20. Bullet Camera 5MP SMART IR 2,8mm 20m
    SKU: H343177112

    €44.64 Tax included
  21. Dome Camera 4 in 1 5Mpx Fixed 2.8mm IR30m

    €45.74 Tax included
  22. Hikvision Full HD Hybrid Bullet Camera
    SKU: HWT-B123-M

    €47.26 Tax included
  23. 4 in 1 5MP 2.8mm Night Color 20m Dome Camera
    SKU: SF-T943CA-3KP

    €48.79 Tax included
  24. Dome Camera 4 in 1 Varifocal 1080p 24 LEDs 30m Outdoor
    SKU: DM955VIB-F4N1

    €49.01 Tax included
  25. Hikvision 2Mp 2.8-12mm Dome Camera
    SKU: HWT-T320-VF

    €50.74 Tax included
  26. 4 in 1 Dome Camera 2MP Motorized 2.7-13.5mm IR 40m
    SKU: T957ZSW-2P4N1

    €56.63 Tax included
  27. Bullet Camera 4 in 1 5Mpx 2.8mm Lens IR30 meters
    SKU: SF-CV022UW-Q4N1

    €62.51 Tax included
  28. Dome Camera 4 in 1 of 2MP Varifocal 2.8-12mm Leds 40m Outdoor
    SKU: HWT-D320-VF

    €62.68 Tax included
  29. Hybrid dome camera with 1080p resolution, 2.8mm optics and LEDs for 20m
    SKU: H343177125

    €62.76 Tax included
  30. 4 in 1 Dome Camera 1080p Motorized 2.7-13.5mm IR 40m
    SKU: T957ZSWG-2P4N

    €65.34 Tax included
  31. Hybrid mini-dome camera with 2.8mm optics with 5Mp resolution
    SKU: H343177110

    €65.40 Tax included
  32. Camera 4 in 1 Bullet of 2Mp and varifocal lens 2.8-12mm
    SKU: HWT-B320-VF

    €66.07 Tax included
  33. Camera 4 in 1 Bullet 2Mpx Fixed 2.8mm 40m ColorVu HWT-B229-M
    SKU: HWT-B229-M

    €37.27 Tax included
  34. 4 in 1 Bullet Camera 4MP 2.8mm EXIR 20m Smart IR
    SKU: HWT-B140-M

    €44.10 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 54

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