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Balums for surveillance cameras.

The baluns are a device that allows us to use network cable instead of coaxial cable to connect a video surveillance camera to the recorder. Baluns really is a simple adapter to use two twisted wires. Typically used UTP cable category 5 or category 6 as the remaining threads is also possible to bring the power of the camera.

Therefore thanks to the baluns, we can replace both the power cord and coaxial cable, carry the video signal and power over a single cable, which greatly facilitates installation.

Baluns allow transmitting the signal from the cameras over long distances with network cable, baluns usually possible to transmit up to 300 meters of cable. (Depends on the model and Balun UTP cable category used).

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  1. Balun HD video for 1 pair cable transmission
    SKU: TECSE-BA001

    €2.90 Tax included
  2. Balun Safire HD with only 1 hose
    SKU: SFBA610-HAC

    €3.91 Tax included
  3. CCTV Passive balun RJ45 for video and power
    SKU: TECSE-BA002

    €4.16 Tax included
  4. Balun Passive Receiver Range 150-400m Safire
    SKU: BA612P-HAC

    €4.88 Tax included
  5. Balun DS-1H18S / E HDTVI pressure Hikvision
    SKU: H339977014

    €5.34 Tax included
  6. Couple passive balun with hose 15cm
    SKU: B105P

    €5.34 Tax included
  7. Couple passive balun with hose 15cm
    SKU: B103PW

    €10.67 Tax included
  8. Balun video for 4 passive BNC channels + 4 Baluns
    SKU: BA614P-HAC

    €21.24 Tax included
  9. Active transmitter balun for 400 meters range
    SKU: BA615A-TX

    €28.97 Tax included
  10. Balun active receiver for 400 meters range
    SKU: BA615A-RX

    €37.57 Tax included

    10 Items

    per page
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