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In this section you will find cameras surveillance Kits to installer inside or outside, with nighlighy and daytime vision, and also you can recorder with the necessary input channels. Highlight various kits, some more simple and more complex, with different cameras and recording function. It can send images in real time via the internet. With our kits, you don´t need something else to set up your Closed Circuit Television. Make sure house, purchase them!

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  1. Indoor TVI Video Surveillance Kit with 2 cameras

    €247.75 Tax included
  2. Kit 4 surveillance cameras inside HD -TVI

    €296.72 Tax included
  3. Uniview Kit 4 WIFI Cameras + NVR Recorder

    €297.30 Tax included
  4. Kit 4 surveillance cameras external HD -TVI

    €315.94 Tax included
  5. Safire Counting and Capacity Control Kit

    €1,524.60 Tax included

5 Items

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Surveillance kits