Central Amplifier DTKOM MATV 41/53 dB with remote power supply from Televes

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Central Amplifier DTKOM MATV 41/53 dB with Televes remote power supply

The TEL5338 central amplifier has its application as a horizontal MATV line amplifier.

This control unit can feed or be fed continuously through the coaxial cable itself, allowing current to pass through it. The use of quality cable T-100 or higher is recommended in the installation.

It has a variable equalizer at the input, from 0 to 18 dB of equalization for the entire band, as well as a variable attenuator from 0 to 18 dB.

Before putting it into operation, make sure it is correctly configured. From the factory, it is prepared to operate at 196-264 V ~ / 50-60 Hz with the input / output voltage step switches turned OFF.


Central amplifier MATV DTKom 1 input 47-862 Mhz Televes TEL5338

What characteristics does the TEL5338 televes amplifier unit have?

Frequency range (MHz) 47 - 862

Gain (dB typ.) 41 - 53 (select)

Maximum output voltage (DIN 45004B) (dBμV typ.) 123

Maximum output voltage (EN 50083) (IMD3) (1) (dBμV typ.) 120

Maximum output voltage (IMD2) (1) (dBμV typ.) 116

Maximum output voltage CTB, CSO, XMOD (2) (dBμV typ.) 106

Noise figure (dB typ.) 10

Return loss (dB typ.) 10

Attenuation margin (dB typ.) 0 - 18

Equalization range (dB typ.) 0 - 18

Regulation range (dB typ.) 0 - 10

Supply voltage (V ~) 196 - 264

Total consumption (I. max) (mA ~) 130

Device consumption (mA) 700 @ 9Vdc

Operating range (ºC) -5 to +45

Protection index IP2

Here we have a video on our YouTube channel talking about DTKom amplifiers:

Reference 5338
Inputs bandas MATV
Amplified Band  MHz 47 - 862
Gain dB 41 - 53
Vout máx (DIN45004B) dBµV  123
Noise figure dB 10
Attenuation margin  0 - 18
Equalization margin
Pre-emphasis margin 0 - 10
Additional gain switching
Device consumption mA 700 @ 9 Vdc
Maximum current available I / O level 700
Maximum number of control panels to be remotely powered 1
Feeding Vac 196-264
More Information
EAN 8424450128886
System DTT
Color Black
Type Line amplifier
Entorno Interior
# Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Gain 53
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 120
LTE compatible No
Product Brand Televes
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