Comelit 4+N EXTRA-MINI Audio Kit for 4 Homes

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EXTRA-MINI 5-Wire 4+N Audio Kit for 4 Homes Comelit KAE5064

4+N analog doorphone kit for 4 dwellings, composed of an EXTRA series entrance panel with 4 buttons, 4 MINI series telephones with 2 buttons and a 1200 transformer.

This kit supports up to 2 phones per user. The plate includes the necessary accessories to be installed flush or surface.

The EXTRA series plate is characterized by its design in stainless steel with high resistance to the elements, with backlit card holders.

The MINI telephone has an electronic call, lock release button, additional button for other functions, call volume control and privacy function with red indicator.

The audio/video door entry kits do not include the lock release.


4+N EXTRA-MINI Electronic Doorphone Kit for 4 Homes with the option of expanding to 2 telephones per user

What technical specifications does the Comelit KAE5064 Audio Kit have?


  • 1x EXTRA 4 + N entrance panel ref. ET5100
  • 1x 12Vac transformer ref. 1200
  • 4x MINI Telephone 2 Pushbuttons 4 + N ref. 2702W


  • Type: Monoblock
  • Flush mount: Yes
  • Wall mount: Yes
  • Height: 165mm
  • Width: 95mm
  • Depth: 6.5mm


  • Speaker volume regulation: Yes
  • Microphone volume regulation: Yes
  • Ringtone volume control: Yes
  • Sound system: Yes
  • Wall mount: Yes
  • Desktop mount: Yes
  • White color
  • Total buttons: 2
  • Actuator control function: Yes
  • Privacy function: Yes
  • Electronic ringtone: Yes
  • Lock release button function: Yes
  • Traditional system: Yes
  • Supply voltage: 15 ÷ 16Vdc
  • Consumption during call: 0.42 mA
  • Consumption during communication: 0.35 mA
  • Microphone: 4mm, omni-directional
  • Operating temperature: -5 ÷ 40 ºC
  • Weight: 258.55 g
  • Terminals: S 2 3 4 P1 P2
  • Height: 189.99 mm
  • Width: 103.12 mm
  • Depth: 29.97mm
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