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Golmar K-201 GRF 1-Line 4+N Audio Kit

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Golmar K-201 GRF 1 Line 4+N Audio Kit

This analog electronic door entry kit for 1 home includes the entrance panel, the telephone and the power supply. The kit supports up to 3 phones in the same house.

The entrance panel stands out for its anti-vandal protection (IK-09) and watertightness (IP-44). With graphite-colored curved aluminum front, a stainless steel call button, information card and call with acoustic signaling of ongoing call. It has dimensions of 144 (W) x 144 (H) mm for flush mounting.

The phone is made of White color ABS plastic, easy to clean. With several fixing points for wall installation and has dimensions of 85 (W) x 218 (H) x 54 (P) mm.

A 12Vac electronic door opener is recommended for this kit, it is not included.

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Golmar 1 Line Analog Audio Kit (4+N) with Entrance Panel, Transformer and Telephone

What technical specifications does the Golmar K-201 GRF audio kit have?

Street planel Features:

  • Vandal-proof (IK-09) and waterproof (IP-44).
  • 2.5mm injected aluminum curved front. in graphite color.
  • 4mm polycarbonate information card holder.
  • Double partition sound grille that prevents access to the sound module.
  • Electronic call with acoustic signaling in the current call panel.
  • Security screws with special key.
  • A stainless steel call button.
  • Dimensions:
    • Exterior: 144 (W) x 144 (H) mm.
    • Recessed: 131 (W) x 131 (H) x 45 (D) mm.

Features of the phone:

  • Housing made of white RAL9003 ABS plastic.
  • Telephone cord of the earpiece removable through connectors.
  • Wall installation with multiple fixing points.
  • Electronic call.
  • Dimensions: 85 (W) x 218 (H) x 54 (D) mm.
More Information
EAN 8403520100014
Color White
Color Portero/Videoportero Solo Audio
Type Complete Kit
Sistema Portero/Videoportero 4+N
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