QUATTRO Universal LNB Converter 0.3dB Engel

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Universal LNB Converter QUATTRO 0.3dB Engel AN7142

Quattro Universal LNB (Ku band) of high efficiency and performance, with very low noise factor (0.3dB) and phase noise, high rejection between polarities, adaptable to any offset parabolic antenna, with Ø 40mm fixing diameter.

The LNB Quattro distributes the 4 satellite polarities (H/L, H/H, V/L, V/H) into separate outputs. Designed for collective satellite TV installations that are distributed with multiswitch. Each LNB output sends a single polarity, which is connected to the multiswitch inputs and this makes the commutation between them so that each user has all the satellite channels or satellites.


QUATTRO Universal LNB Converter (H/L, H/H, V/L, V/H) 0.3 dB by Engel

What technical specifications does the LNB Quattro Engel AN7142 have?

  • Type: Quatro
  • Users: SMATV
  • Satellites: 1
  • Antenna Type: Offset / Prime Focus
  • Low Bd-OL (GHz): 10.7 / 11.7 - 9.75
  • Bd. High-OL / GHz): 11.7 / 12.75 - 10.6
  • Noise Factor: 0.3 dB
  • Gain: 50 dB
  • Isolation V / H: 22 dB
  • Band switching: 2 outputs
  • Polarity switching: 2 outputs
  • Var. oscillation (-40 / +60): <3 MHz
  • Noise phase 1/100 KHz: <-50 / 95 dBc
  • Output level: (-1dB): +5 dBm
  • Consumption: 240 mA
  • Fixing diameter: 40 mm
More Information
EAN 8413173086825
Color Gray
LNB type Universal
Output number HL HH VL VH (Quattro)
Noise level 0,3
Focus number One focus
Gain >50 db
Product Brand Engel Axil
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