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Fermax Door Contact 2C (Double)

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2C Contacts for Door (Double) Fermax 2913

These contacts are commonly used on double doors, when you want to install the opener without the wires being visible.

The contacts are embedded in the door leaf and the frame respectively, providing a reliable connection when the door is closed: the pistons that press against the other half, maintain the desired electrical continuity.

24/48 Hours

Contacts to install lock release on double doors without leaving visible cables, providing a reliable connection. While the door is closed, they maintain the desired electrical continuity by pressing the pistons against the other half.

Approximate breaking power: 1.5 Amps.

24/48 Hours
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EAN 8424299029139
System Accessories
SERIE Abrepuertas
Color Silver
Type Accessories
Product Brand Fermax
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