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In this section we have all fittings and winds necessary for securing a mast. We have all the accesories to make sure that the mast will be installed correctly set and the wind will not move the antennas installed on masts.

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  1. Steel Cable Clamp 1/4 Tecatel
    SKU: TECSC01

    €0.44 Tax included
  2. Tecatel Ratchet Tensor for Mast Cable
    SKU: TECTCA-01

    €0.64 Tax included
  3. Steel Cable Ties 4-6mm

    €1.00 Tax included
  4. TA-M8 Metal stud for anchoring mast cables
    SKU: TVM8

    €1.00 Tax included
  5. Steel Cable Tensioner 1/4" TCV-23
    SKU: ROV60055

    €1.00 Tax included
  6. Steel Cable Tensioner 5/16" TCV-4
    SKU: ROV60056

    €1.23 Tax included
  7. Wind Plate + Flange for Mast Ø 40mm
    SKU: ROV60047

    €1.95 Tax included
  8. Taco kit, lag screw and washer. 4 units
    SKU: TDT0012

    €2.08 Tax included
  9. Tecatel 1/4 6mm Steel Cable Tensioner
    SKU: TECTC-01

    €2.11 Tax included
  10. Plate + Flange for Winds on Ø 46mm Mast
    SKU: TEL2408

    €4.72 Tax included
  11. guy wire ring
    SKU: TEL3058

    €12.67 Tax included
  12. Steel cable 2mm. Cord 100m
    SKU: ROV62001B

    €24.54 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 17

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