Proximity Access Control

Proximity access controls incorporate a radio frequency reader and users carry a card or a keyring that they pass in front of the reader so that it allows access to the building.

Cards and keyrings can be registered or canceled in the system using master cards, or directly on the access panel with programming and passing the card in question. A programming keyboard can also be used, which simulates a card and is used to program the proximity access control panels.

The most common frequencies in proximity access systems are MIFARE (13.56MHz) and EM (125KHz). This data is very important since these technologies are not compatible with each other, that is, you cannot use a MIFARE reader for EM cards / keyrings (and vice versa); therefore, both the reader and the cards/keyrings must be of the same technology.


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  1. USB desktop EM RFID card reader
    On request
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  2. Simplekey Adapter with Comelit 1210 Feeder
    SKU: COMSK9015
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  3. Mifare 13.56Mhz desktop USB card reader
    On request
    €25.92 Tax included
  4. RFID access control by proximity S2EM of Ixon
    On request
    €35.38 Tax included
  5. Mini RFID proximity reader RFID-RE
    On request
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  6. Advanced access control RFID by proximity S1X
    On request
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  7. Resistant Proximity Reader EM / MIFARE Wiegand 26 Fermax
    SKU: FER5296
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    €49.55 Tax included
  8. Vandal-Resistant RFID Access Control with Cloning Ixon
    SKU: IXO93031
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  9. RFID EM + MIFARE Access Control with Ixon Cloning
    On request
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  10. Stand-Alone Mini Controller 1 Door Wiegand 26 Fermax
    SKU: FER5276
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  11. RF 868MHz AXESKEY BASIC-2B Receiver 12-24Vac/dc
    SKU: FER5250
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  12. Access Control for EM RDIF, MF and NFC from Akuvox
    SKU: AK-A01S
    On request
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  13. Desktop Proximity Reader MIFARE AC-MAX KEY3-USB Fermax
    SKU: FER5204
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  14. WG MIFARE/EM Proximity Reader
    SKU: FER6958
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  15. Proximity reader Cityline
    SKU: FER6992
    On request
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  16. Kit Fermax nearby city 4905
    SKU: FER4905
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  17. Marine Proximity Reader in Stainless Steel
    SKU: FER5472
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  18. Control de Acceso Avanzado 2 Puertas
    SKU: DS-K2602T
    On request
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  19. Advanced Access Control Module for Ultra Panels
    SKU: COMSK9001U
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  20. INKEY Mini IP Fingerprint and proximity reader
    SKU: FER5233
    On request
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  21. Proximity reader MEET by Fermax
    SKU: FER9535
    On request
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21 Items

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