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Universal 4+N, Digital and 2-Wire Audio Entrance Panels

The external panels or entrance panels are the terminals that we find at the entrance of a community or single-family home to make the call and communicate with the user inside.

At TDTprofesional we offer audio panels for all needs. We make personalized estimates for audio and video panels according to the number of homes and functions required, both for replacement and for new construction.

We are the official supplier of Fermax and Comelit, the main brands in the sector, and we have panels compatible with all their door entry systems: VDS, DUOX PLUS, Simplebus2, Traditional 4+N, 2-Wire, etc.

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  1. Placa 1 vivienda 4+N Cityline Classic
    SKU: FER8500

    €134.93 Tax included
  2. 4+N Audio Kit CITY CLASSIC 8L Fermax
    SKU: FER8305

    €159.32 Tax included
  3. Audio City 4+N S4 6/W Panel 6 Buttons
    SKU: FER4849

    €164.66 Tax included
  4. Placa Serie 4 con 8 pulsadores
    SKU: FER8591

    €192.86 Tax included
  5. Placa city classic 5 AP 205
    SKU: FER8620

    €195.37 Tax included
  6. Fermax City S7 VP210 Panel with 20 Buttons
    SKU: FER7040

    €213.93 Tax included
  7. 16-button Cityline Panel (4 + N)
    SKU: FER70231

    €285.97 Tax included
  8. Placa cityline 4+N 20 viv S9
    SKU: FER71701

    €349.90 Tax included

8 Items

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Audio Entrance Panels