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Telephone interface to divert calls Fermax 4545

The telephone interface allows you to control the door phone installed in the house and thus divert the door phone calls to your mobile.

With this interface, in addition to being able to communicate, you can open the door from any landline and wireless phone. It is very useful when the owner is not at home.

Its DIN 10 format facilitates installation in electrical equipment boxes, it can also be screwed directly into the wall.

Telephone Interface to Control the Electronic Doorphone

What are the main characteristics of the Fermax 4545 Telephone Interface?

  • Adjust audio levels from the phone.
  • Ability to change the conversation mode to half-duplex or simplex mode dynamically.
  • Remote access from the external line (protected by a PIN code), to all the functions available to the internal telephones: activation of the relay, programming, connection to the entrance panel, door opening, ... etc.
  • Call forwarding. In the event that there is no answer from the internal telephones, I divert to a second telephone in case the first one does not answer.
  • Configurable timing parameters.
  • Support for advanced telephony services (use of * and #).
  • Use of pause in external call number.
  • External signaling of detour mode.

What technical specifications does the Fermax 4545 Telephone Interface have?

  • DIN 10 dimensions: 175x 90 x60 mm
  • Working temperature: -5ºC to + 40ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 5-90%, non-condensing
  • Consumption 12Vac (4+N):
    • Standby: 60mA
    • Maximum 400mA
  • Consumption 12Vdc (4+N):
    • Idle: 125mA
    • 470mA maximum
  • Consumption 18Vdc (VDS):
    • Idle: 55mA
    • Maximum 220mA
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EAN 8424299045450
System 4+N
SERIE Accessories
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Product Brand Fermax
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