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Fiber optic protectors for 45mm fusion

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1 to 7 days
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1 to 7 days

45mm protectors for FO fusion

The OFP 45mm fiber optic protector is used when we perform a fusion.

The protective cover is used so that our fusion is totally isolated, subject and firm

One is needed for each fiber splice that is made.

1 to 7 days

The fiber optic protector of OFP is used to cover and protect the fusion made in our fiber optic splice, in order to isolate it and ensure that it can not be broken.

How is a fiber optic fusion performed?

  1. First, remove the coating on one end of the cable.
  2. Insert the heat shrink protector through the cable.
  3. Next, we remove the secondary protection coating at each end of the fibers.
  4. We also remove the acetate coating. Always being careful not to cut the fiber.
  5. We clean with isopropyl alcohol the fiber of the cable and cut with the cutter and do the same with the other cable that we want to splice.
  6. We place the clamps with the fibers in the guides to the left and right of the splicer, always trying not to mount the ends.
  7. We turn on the fusion machine and select the right program. If we want a fusion of low losses we will select fusion by nuclei and it will be the machine itself that aligns them.
  8. Finally, once the fibers are joined, we introduce the heat shrink tube into the oven of the machine itself.
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