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Photodetector with Image Request Outdoor Certificate 2 White

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Outdoor motion photo detector with Ajax image request AJMOTOUTDOORPHODW

This device is one of the components of the Ajax protection system and it is an outdoor motion detector, equipped with a camera that will send photos when an alarm is activated. It is a volumetric PIR to cover outdoor areas up to 15 meters.

You can add this detector to your Ajax professional alarm system, with a Grade 2 certificate. This PIR has a camera that will send a maximum of up to 5 images per detection to your mobile or associated device in the event of an alert or request.

With a detection field of up to 15 meters, installation 2.4 meters from the ground is recommended for optimal detection. The detector is equipped with an anti-pet system, capable of detecting your animal without triggering any alert (for pets under 20kg), in these cases, the sensitivity level will be adjusted (low, medium or high).

The photodetector incorporates an infrared sensor for night mode and LED indicators that indicate the status of the device.

It works with 4 CR123A 3V batteries, which can last up to 4 years.

The device is prepared for placement outdoors, it is made of White ABS plastic and includes a support.

Compatible with Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/Hub Hybrid a partir de la versión OS Malevich 2.13.

1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)

Technical Specifications of the Exterior Motion Photodetector with Ajax image request AJMOTOUTDOORPHODW


Marca Ajax
Grado de Seguridad Grado 2
Frecuencia 868 MHz Jeweller
Distancia de transmisión ≤ 1700 m en espacio abierto
Campo de detección De 3 a 15 m / 90º / Instalación 0.8~1.3 m
Inmunidad a mascotas Disponible ≤ 80 cm
Anti-enmascaramiento Disponible
Sensibilidad Ajustable. 3 niveles (alta, media, baja)
Gestor de privacidad Gestión del cliente final sobre los permisos de solicitud de imagen
Captura de imagen Por alarma / Por escenario inteligente / Por solicitud del cliente
Resolución imágenes Hasta 640 x 352
Número de imágenes Hasta 5 imágenes por cada detección
Iluminación infrarroja IR para modo nocturno
Tamper anti-apertura Disponible
Indicación LEDs Alarma, tamper, señal
Compatibilidad Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus
Alimentación 4 pilas CR123A 3.0 V (duración aproximada 3 años)
Temp. funcionamiento -25 ºC ~ 60 ºC
Grado de protección IP55
Dimensiones 206 (Al) x 108 (An) x 93(Fo) mm
1 to 7 days
Free shipping
(Iberian Peninsula)
More Information
Color White
Automation PIR Presence Sensor
Product Brand AJAX
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