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Horizontal Terminal Enclousure 600x500x80mm

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Horizontal Terminal Enclousure 600x500x80mm Televes 546702

ICT cabinet to install the coaxial, data, telephony and fiber optic equipment that separate the user network from the community network. Sized under the ICT2 regulation, it is 600x500x80mm. Designed to install at the entrance of the house, where the user's network equipment will be located.

Constructed of steel, with 16 inlets for 32mm tube and 16 inlets for 20mm tube. With interchangeable opening door (left or right), closing under ABS flange and with ventilation holes to allow the installation of active elements inside. Its wooden bottom allows to screw the equipment easily.

24/48 Hours

600x500x80mm Horizontal ICT2 Terminal Enclousure for coaxial, telephony, data and fiber optics

What are the main characteristics of the RTR Televes 546702 cabinet?

  • Robust: made of steel.
  • Pre-marked inputs for an easy opening: 16 inputs for 32mm-tube and 16 inputs for 20mm-tube
  • Perforated door for better ventilation with an ABS locking tab (can be manually operated by the user)
  • Lacquered white
  • Equipped with a lock to avoid external manipulation
  • Interchangeable door (left or right hinge)
  • MDF board for product bolting (dimensions: 520x420x12mm)
  • Chassis with lateral tabs that allows its fixing on the wall while the mortar is being applied
  • Includes a ground connection between the door and the chassis

What technical specifications does the RTR Televes 546702 cabinet have?

  • Material
    • Framework + Frame: Steel
    • Interior board: Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
  • Material thickness: 1.5 ± 0.2
  • Dimensions:
    • Framework: 600x500x80 mm
    • Frame: 640x530x85 mm
    • Interior board: 520x420x12 mm
  • Pipe access:
    • Ø 32 mm: 16
    • Ø 20 mm: 16
  • Location: Interior
  • Fixation: Embebed
  • Max. load: 200 kg/m3
  • Thermal disipation: 28 W
  • Grounding: Yes
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Standard: EN 62208
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EAN 8424450214435
Color White
Type Cabinets
Entorno Interior
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