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Kit 2 MIMO Antennas for 4G/LTE OUTLET

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OUTLET: Kit 2 Antennas MIMO 4G/LTE Televes 650302

Kit of 2 4G/LTE antennas to receive and broadcast the 4G/LTE band and improve coverage to the operator's network. Higher quality and 4G/LTE transmission reliability thanks to MIMO technology for areas of difficult reception and propagation.

It is recommended to install the antennas with a separation between them of at least 0.5m to improve the emission / reception. They connect directly to a MIMO router via the 7.5 meter 50Ω coaxial cable (included).

Passive and omni-directional antennas of easy installation, without needing to be oriented.

What is TDTprofesional OUTLET?

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1 to 7 days

OUTLET: Kit 2 Antennas of emission and reception 4G/LTE with MIMO technology

What are the main characteristics of 4G/LTE Televes 650302 antennas?

  • Passive antenna for 4G extended coverage, enhancing the operator's network connection quality
  • MIMO technology (Multiple Input, Multiple Output): provides greater quality and reliability of 4G/LTE signals in places of difficult reception and propagation
  • Omnidirectional transmission/reception: pointing is not required
  • Mobile 4G devices are more efficient in terms of power and consumption
  • Optimized response on both the Uplink and the Downlink
  • Passive antenna, no power consumption

What technical specifications do 4G/LTE Televes 650302 antennas have?

Frequency band Mhz 690...960 1700...2700
Gain dBi 1 3,5
F/B ratio dB Omnidirectional
Impedance Ohm 50
Connectors SMA (male)
Windload N 16,2 (@130Km/h)
22,3 (@150Km/h)
Protection index IP 23

More Information
EAN 8424450208670
Color Black
Network Equipment 4G/5G Antenna
PoE No
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